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American businesswoman, philanthropist and mother of four. Founder of Spanx, Committed to supporting women and making the world a better place.

Let Love Reign

Sara Blakely is an inspiring entrepreneur best known for founding Spanx, a company that revolutionized the shapewear industry. Her journey is a classic example of determination, creativity, and resilience.

Welcome to the world of Sara Blakely—a place where laughter, innovation, and philanthropy collide to create something truly extraordinary. As the founder of Spanx, I've had the incredible privilege of shaping more than just silhouettes; I've had the honor of shaping lives.

A Journey of Innovation:

It all started with a pair of scissors and a big idea. Frustrated by the lack of comfortable and flattering undergarments, I took matters into my own hands (quite literally) and created what would soon become a game-changer in the world of fashion. From that moment on, Spanx wasn't just a brand—it was a revolution.

Philanthropy: Empowering Through Generosity:

I'm not just about smoothing out bumps and lumps; I'm about lifting up women and giving them the confidence to conquer the world. That's why I founded the Sara Blakely Foundation—to empower women through education, entrepreneurship, and opportunity.

Through the foundation, we've been able to support countless women on their journey to success, providing scholarships, mentorship, and resources to help them reach their full potential. Because when women succeed, we all succeed.

Social Impact: Making a Difference:

Our impact doesn't stop there. We're committed to making a difference in communities around the world, from funding educational initiatives to supporting causes that are near and dear to our hearts. We believe that true beauty comes from lifting others up.

Whether soaring through triumph or navigating through challenges, always pause to count your blessings, and extend a hand of kindness to a stranger, for in that fleeting gesture lies the potential to brighten a weary soul's day with a glimmer of hope and warmth.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.